Public schools move to hold families responsible for broken, missing laptops

By: | May 28, 2021

With tens of thousands of school-owned laptops still being used at home by students across Palm Beach County, the school district moved to hold parents financially responsible for damage to the devices. A new policy approved by school board members on May 26 calls for parents and guardians in many cases to be “responsible for the cost of repair or replacement” for devices assigned to their children.

“If the technology assigned to a student is lost, stolen or damaged through negligence, vandalism or failure to follow proper care guidelines, and is not covered in full by any warranty, then the parent/caregiver is responsible for the cost of repair or replacement,” the policy states. Under the new guidelines, which would face a second school board vote next month before taking effect, school principals are required to “make reasonable collection efforts” when devices are not returned at the end of the school year.

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