Simplifying Assistance for Your McKinney-Vento Qualified Students

Date of broadcast: Thu, 06/09/22
The number of students identified under McKinney-Vento as experiencing homelessness is at a three-year low, according to data from the National Center for Homeless Education. But district administrators and homeless liaisons nationwide know the need to provide resources for students experiencing homelessness has never been greater.

The first step in supporting students who are experiencing homelessness is identifying that they qualify for services. Once completed, how can districts take the next step to effectively locate, gather, allocate and track resources provided to students experiencing homelessness in and out of school?

Attend this live webinar on June 9 to understand how:

  • Information sharing makes serving at-risk children and youth easier
  • Strategies for using technology helps your at-risk students succeed
  • Utilizing modern technology allows all stakeholders to assist students


Joe Cayen
Founder and Senior Advisor
TransACT Communications

Phillip Smith
Brand Manager
TransACT Communications

Lynn Russo
Senior Account Success Manager
TransACT Communications

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