Construction Watch: Legislator says new Maryland bill will generate $100 million for affordable housing, school construction

Evan Glass is sponsoring the bill that would levy school impact fees on a home-building sector that hasn't been required to pay them

When a company demolishes an existing home to build a bigger one in its place in Montgomery County, Maryland, it does not pay school impact fees. A legislator, Evan Glass, has proposed a bill for the state that would levy new fees on those replacement houses for schools. The taxes are estimated to generate $100 million for affordable housing and school construction over the next 10 years. Read more.

In other construction news:

Local allocations from Prop. 51, a California school bond passed in 2016, appear to confirm the fears of former Gov. Jerry Brown and those who have studied inequities in public school facility funding: Wealthy schools benefit most under the current system. Read more.


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