Learning loss

“We are failing older students.” Are high schoolers running out of time?

The 2023 “State of the American Student" contains reports from district and other experts on new approaches that "center instruction and support on what students need most."

This superintendent wonders when educators stopped being viewed as heroes

How the public went so quickly from calling educators the heroes of the pandemic to "villains" and "groomers" bothers Papillion La Vista Community Schools Superintendent Andrew Rikli.

Are English learners catching up with the big lift offered by ESSER?

How districts in five states are using relief funds to expand tutoring, family outreach and develop more multilingual teachers.

Classroom quality: Why teaching recovery is key to getting students back on track

A "crisis in the quality of classroom teaching" is the biggest barrier to providing students with the support they need to overcome unfinished learning, according to a poll of district leaders that was conducted by the Center on Reinventing Public Education.

Recovery on hold? How academic growth sputtered in 2022-23

The road to recovery remains rocky as the academic growth that most students made in the 2022-23 school year failed to match pre-pandemic norms, according to data on grades 3-8 released Tuesday.

Math scores for this one group of students show historic, long-term decline

There are no "green shoots’" of academic recovery emerging, with the Nation's Report Card showing the largest-ever drop in math scores by 13-year-old students and decreases in reading.

Can year-round schooling help reverse pandemic-related learning loss?

Several large districts are planning modifications to their school calendars in the coming years as students continue to struggle academically one year post-Covid.

By the numbers: The pandemic and its ‘complicated’ toll on K12 education

Among the rather dim conclusions drawn from the report are the pandemic's widespread impact on teacher shortages in 2020-21 along with districts' difficulties in hiring mental health support staff.

Most students would rather ask ChatGPT for help than a tutor. Here’s why

ChatGPT is quickly intervening as a personal homework assistant for students with 9 in 10 saying they prefer to study with AI than with a tutor, according to a new survey.

Are 4-day school weeks worth attracting teachers if learning suffers?

The 4-day school week, seen as a powerful recruitment tool, could cause as much learning loss as the pandemic but over a protracted period of time, according to a new Rand Corporation analysis.

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