Learning loss

ESSER pressure: How one district intends to spend wisely as deadline looms

"The ESSER money is a lot, but it’s not as much as everybody thinks," says Bernard McCune, Denver Public School's associate chief of academics. "Everyone thinks that schools are just flush with money and they throw everything at schools without intentionality. What we’ve done is use ESSER as an opportunity to innovate."

What superintendents need to know about 3 after-school program challenges

Almost all after-school programs have reopened, but staffing shortages and related issues mean one in four are still not operating at the capacity they were prior to COVID.

Post-pandemic positivity: Student self-reliance and teacher appreciation are up

The negative impacts of the pandemic on education are numerous and exhausting but here's a surprise for superintendents and their teams: teacher appreciation did not suffer.

Half of all students started this school year one grade level behind

Most notably, nearly every school that reported having students that were behind academically cited English (99%) or math (99%) as the most common subjects students are struggling in.

ESSER III funds: Here’s how districts are spending them

Learning loss and staff recruitment and retention continue to be the two most expensive categories according to Burbio, which collected data from 6,000 school districts on how they plan to allocate their ESSER III funds.

COVID stripped students of nearly 35% of a year’s worth of learning

Researchers call for an increased focus on well-designed and well-resourced policy initiatives from district leaders and legislators to combat the ongoing issue.

Educators, buckle up: A bumpy economic ride lies ahead

"We're actually calling 2024-25 'the bloodletting,'" said Dr. Marguerite Roza, director of the Edunomics Lab at Georgetown University. "Public education has not seen a right-sizing, fiscal cliff, whatever you want to call it, of this magnitude at any time in the past, including the last recession. I think it's going to be quite shocking."

Leadership series: Meet the superintendent who is all smiles this year

Many things make Missouri's Lee's Summit R-7 School District special, according to its Superintendent David Buck. But at the center of it all are the students.

As 2023 nears, let’s look at how students are performing

"This is a great moment for school leaders to look for opportunities to give classroom teachers the flexibility they need to serve students with varying degrees of proficiency, like flexible schedules and adding staff that can support dynamic student grouping," said Chase Nordengren, principal research lead for Effective Instructional Strategies at NWEA.

3 ways leaders can begin to reverse a widening achievement gap

The highest and lowest achievers in a typical fifth-grade classroom pre-COVID were separated by as many as seven grade levels. That has widened, new research shows.

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