Capturing the voice and experience of educators on the front lines

To succeed this fall—and beyond—district leaders must review teacher professional learning during coronavirus closures and support teacher development of new pedagogical skills, says the team at Kennesaw State University iTeach, an FETC® partner
By: | June 5, 2020

As the 2019-20 school year closes, “now more than ever, it is essential to capture the voice, experience, opinions and desires of the educators on the front lines” and support their development of new pedagogical skills to move forward successfully, according to the team at Kennesaw State University iTeach in Georgia.

In a post for FETC’s The Future of Ed Tech Insiders blog, the team addresses how the COVID-19 disruption will potentially allow “true personalized learning to take root, where goals and outcomes of schooling reflect the diversity of the learners themselves,” and how ed-tech tools, platforms and software have “exponentially increased the rate of systemic advancement in modern teaching and learning.”

The blogging team also offers recommendations on how to blend online and face-to-face learning as district leaders prepare for fall and beyond. To read more, click here.

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