Emily Ann Brown

How schools are reassessing their assessments

Audits can show administrators whether their assessment strategies are informing instruction effectively and efficiently.

Asking the right questions about your assessments

For administrators who are just embarking on assessment audits, Melissa Spadin of the San Diego County Office of Education has some guidance.

How to find future edtech leaders

When looking to build an edtech team, soft skills can be vital, particularly strong customer service-oriented abilities, including effective communication and collaboration skills, excellent attention to detail, and resourcefulness.

Washington Watch: State edtech training grows

The latest K-12 edtech news from the nation's capital, including how more states are now offering edtech training and how educators are preparing to have their voices heard in the next presidential election.

Effective data use is a top administrative priority in K-12

A recent APQC survey defines key focus of schools, district administrators.

K-12 curriculum evaluation under review

You've all read the effectiveness research that vendors include to show the value of their curricular products and programs, but not all curriculum evaluation studies are created equal.

Voices in Tech: Student IT team revamps tech repairs

A Q&A with Brian Zimmer, director of educational technology at Webster Central School District in New York, addresses how help desk internships provide career prep and cost savings.

Know your state’s school safety requirements

Regulations tackle drills, safety plans, firearms and SROs, a new report shows.

How states help K-12 districts support robust and equitable broadband

SETDA report examines state and district efforts to increase connectivity at lower costs.

Digital Wellness Month builds edtech balance

Hilliard City Schools in Columbus, Ohio, launched its first-ever Digital Wellness Month to help students engage in positive, safe, legal and ethical behaviors when using technology at school and home.

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