As school mask debate fades, some parents turn ire to ‘critical race theory’

Long-standing programs aimed at racial equity are caught in the crossfire, facing fresh scrutiny.

With the debate over school masks waning in much of Florida, conservative activists have again turned their attention to rooting out “critical race theory” in classrooms.

Many have changed their approach from earlier this year as they show up at meetings to confront school boards.

Rather than offer general criticisms like how schools are “teaching victimhood,” speakers have begun focusing on specific programs that they suggest violate the state’s rule banning certain lessons. The strategy has placed a new focus on educational practices that have been around for years, largely unchallenged by the public.

Picking up on comments by Gov. Ron DeSantis, many activists are using the term“critical race theory” as a catchall to describe a broad set of practices aimed at focusing public schools on the needs of a diverse student body. Among their targets are programs that encourage equity and anti-racism, and work to reduce unconscious bias in the classroom.

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