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More online schools on the way in Massachusetts

Massachusetts is poised to open two more cyber public schools by this time next year, and districts statewide are clamoring to establish their own virtual academies — despite the failing test scores at the one online school we already have.

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Arizona districts try to stem flow of funds to online schools

School districts are usually left picking up the tab for the courses, which sometimes means losing out on millions in state funding when students head back to their respective home schools.

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Online Learning Platform Getting Results at New Mexico Enriched Virtual School

Edgenuity delivering core curricular content at Rio Rancho Cyber Academy

25 Ideas About Online Learning in 25 Minutes

A panel of experts discusses the best ways to successfully implement online learning

Indiana's online schools face scrutiny over scores, growth

Leaders of Indiana's two largest online charter schools say low student test scores don't tell the whole picture of how the schools are performing.

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D.C. schools give blended learning a try

Blended learning is a teaching method that has long been used in private schools and college classrooms, but only in recent years has it been trending in public K12 classrooms.

The academic results for young people in public grade schools are still up in the air, but for now that’s OK.

Indeed, that students who attend a public school in an impoverished section of the District are using computers on a daily basis proves school officials, principals and students are moving in the right direction.

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Online curriculum increases options for Arizona students

With the new school year approaching, many Arizona school districts are flaunting the success their busy, on-the-go, technology-wielding students have had with online curricula, such as the Mesa Distance Learning Program.

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FAQs about online learning

The International Association for K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL) has put together a list of frequently-asked questions about online learning, with sections for parents, teachers, and administrators. Information includes how to start an online or blended learning program, and how to find quality online courses to implement in your school.

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Using online learning properly

The American K12 school system is in a state of crisis. When compared to other industrialized nations, our children average lower in language skills, mathematics, and science in a world market that has become dependent on those skills. Cash-strapped schools are unable to hire enough qualified instructors to provide traditional public education. MOOCs can help turn this Titanic around.

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Virginia high schools go online

Charlottesville and Albemarle public schools, both in Charlottesville, Va., are ramping up investments in online courses, partly in response to a new state mandate requiring at least one online course for graduation. The district administrators also believe it’s the best way to prepare students for the challenges of college and careers.

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