Virginia lockdown notification bill makes sense

School lockdown drills have become a necessary part of training for American schools. Sadly, the world we live in today requires school officials to know how to react quickly in emergency situations to protect students and faculty. Since the horrific Columbine shooting in 1999, most states have required schools to hold active shooter training events.

For a drill to be most effective, it helps to make it as realistic as possible. Anyone who’s been involved in a fire drill knows that when the drill is announced ahead of time, people tend to be far more lackadaisical about evacuating their work spaces in a timely fashion than when the drill is unannounced.

However, when it comes to active shooter drills, the element of surprise can create terror and havoc, especially when young students are involved. And it can be horrific for a parent receiving a call from a distraught child hiding under a desk.


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