These are some of the most impressive exams ChatGPT has passed

While it may not make the dean's list, the chatbot has made national headlines for passing a multitude of high-level tests in K12 higher education.

By now, ChatGPT has been tested to the limit. And so far, it’s proved itself as a decent writer, test taker, and study tool. Educators seem rather split on their opinions on the artificially intelligent chatbot, and for good reason. The main question for leaders in both higher education and K12 is how can it be used in the classroom without promoting cheating.

Efforts to create AI detection have increased since the explosion of ChatGPT from its creator, OpenAI, and other plagiarism sniffers like Turnitin, and for good reason. Researchers have been astounded by the chatbot’s ability to perform—and perform well—against some of the most intense exams in the country.

District Administration also took it to the test recently as we challenged it to answer several questions your average high school student would be faced with in the following areas: History, writing and math. From describing the challenges faced during the construction of the transcontinental railroad to finding the center and radius of a circle only using a complex equation, ChatGPT was able to answer every question perfectly. It even showed its work.

Comparably speaking, that was an easy challenge for the chatbot. Over the past several weeks its made national headlines for passing a multitude of high-level tests in K12 higher education. While it may not make the dean’s list, here’s a look at what it’s passed so far:

  • ChatGPT passed law exams in four courses at the University of Minnesota and one at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business (CNN).
    • UM exams: After answering 95 multiple-choice questions and 12 essay questions, it scored a C+.
    • Wharton exam: In a business management course, it earned a B to B- grade. According to a paper describing its performance, Christian Terwiesch, a Wharton business professor, said it did “an amazing job” at answering simple questions pertaining to operations management and process-analysis questions.
  • ChatGPT passes AP English essay (The Wall Street Journal).
    • One columnist for the WSJ went back to high school for one day to test the chatbot’s ability to survive in a 12th-grade AP literature class. After using it to write a 500- to 1,000-word essay composing an argument “that attempts to situate Ferris Bueller’s Day Off as an existentialist text,” she earned a grade that fell into the B-to-C range.
  • ChatGPT passes Google coding interview for level three engineer (PC Mag)
    • Google teams fed the chatbot questions designed to test the skills of a candidate for a level-three engineer position. “Amazingly ChatGPT gets hired at L3 when interviewed for a coding position,” according to an internal document.
  • ChatGPT scores 1020 on the SAT (Twitter)
    • One individual challenged the chatbot to take an entire SAT test and it scored in the 52nd percentile, according to data from College Board. It scored a 500 in math and a 520 in reading and writing.

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Micah Ward
Micah Ward
Micah Ward is a District Administration staff writer. He recently earned his master’s degree in Journalism at the University of Alabama. He spent his time during graduate school working on his master’s thesis. He’s also a self-taught guitarist who loves playing folk-style music.

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