‘Talking Out of School Podcast’: The principalship requires student-centered leadership

In this episode, we sit down with the NASSP's 2024 National Principal of the Year Andy Farley to learn more about his leadership philosophy and his advice for current and aspiring principals.

In this age of the principalship, successful leadership looks vastly different than it did five years ago. Academic achievement—and how we measure it—has changed, which is why Principal Andy Farley prioritizes student-centered leadership.

Farley, who leads Brookfield East High School in Wisconsin and the National Association of Secondary School Principals’ 2024 National Principal of the Year, is often described as a student-first leader, dedicating most of his initiatives to the academic and emotional well-being of his students.

In one example of student-centered leadership, he’s established a principal’s cabinet, a group of 65 kids who he meets with every other week to discuss goals and opportunities to improve the student experience.

“Seeing the day through the eyes of kids can be really impactful and essential for high-performing schools,” he says.

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In addition to student-centered leadership and well-being, he shares with us his personal strategies for staying on top of his own wellness and ensuring he comes to school reminded of his purpose and passion for education.

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