Solving Your Teacher Shortage with Live Teaching

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Date & Time: Tuesday, December 20 at 2:00 pm ET

Schools need to think differently in order to elevate their classrooms with high-quality, certified teachers who provide engaging and effective instruction.

In this webinar, experts will provide insights into teacher shortage trends, challenges, and current solutions to fill educator vacancies in schools, increasing student outcomes. Participants will also learn about:

  • What the qualifications of high-quality, certified teachers are
  • How impactful curricula can attract educators
  • Why and how schools need to move beyond the traditional classroom
  • How in-person paraprofessionals can help increase learning outcomes


Kim Kays, Director of Academic Product, Elevate K-12
Jenn Russart, VP of Growth, Elevate K-12
Carolyn Lanctot, Assistant Vice President of Instruction, Elevate K-12

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