Offsetting NAEP Scores and Getting Students on Track

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Date & Time: Thursday, November 3, 2022 at 2:00 pm


This fall, the National Center for Education Statistics released alarming data from the NAEP long-term trend. Results confirm that school closures have had a measurable impact on student learning that could affect student trajectory for a lifetime. In fact, for the first time in decades, reading scores decreased and math scores decreased for the first time ever.

There is urgency to amend this decline and provide the right support as quickly as possible. Join our panel of education experts, practitioners, and district leaders to hear how educators are working to get ahead of declines and provide students the support they need to catch up and keep moving on a positive path toward achievement.


Erik Youngman, Ed.D, Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning, Libertyville District 70

Tim Hudson, Chief Learning Officer, DreamBox Learning

Danielle Sellenriek, Director of Customer Success, DreamBox Learning

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