New resource improves school-parent collaboration in Section 504 process

Facilitating Section 504 Meetings Through Building Collaborative Parent-School Partnerships offers strategies for building trust and reducing common conflicts that lead to disputes in Section 504.

Building successful partnerships with parents does not happen overnight or by accident. Start off on the right foot by training Section 504 coordinators and school staff to facilitate productive team meetings, build trust with parents and address common disagreements that can arise in Section 504.

To assist with that training, LRP Media Group, a recognized leader in the special education publishing industry, is announcing the release of Facilitating Section 504 Meetings Through Building Collaborative Parent-School Partnerships.

“Schools are increasingly aware of the long-term benefits of building strong partnerships with parents early on in the Section 504 process,” said LRP Executive Director, Education Content Julie J. Kline, Esq. “This resource is a go-to training guide for 504 coordinators and other staff members on how to prevent interpersonal issues from derailing the 504 process.”

This practical guide gathers tested strategies from experts in the field on handling the interpersonal side of the Section 504 process. When school staff lack the soft skills or facilitation techniques necessary to build successful partnerships with parents, they risk creating contentious environments that can lead to costly and drawn-out disputes.

This resource explains how to take proactive steps to build trust with parents of students served under Section 504. It explains how to prepare educators and other staff members for attending 504 meetings. It also provides strategies for addressing common areas of conflict that arise in Section 504 such as disagreements over accommodations.

Separated into three sections, this book covers:

  • District and schoolwide communications including required district notices under Section 504.
  • Facilitation techniques to use before, during and after team meetings.
  • Common conflicts, disagreements and difficult situations and how to prepare for these issues.

The book also includes sample forms and tools to support teams throughout the Section 504 process.

Facilitating Section 504 Meetings Through Building Collaborative Parent-School Partnerships is available for purchase from LRP Publications’ online store.

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