New Hampshire districts pick Cory LeClair

Cory LeClair, recently passed over for the SAU 6 superintendent position, has been hired to serve in that role for the Plainfield and Cornish school districts.

LeClair, who spent nine years at SAU 6 and is a Stevens High School graduate, will begin her new job on July 1, which is when Mike Tempesta of Worcester, Mass., is expected to begin as the SAU 6 superintendent serving Claremont and Unity. LeClair and Tempesta were the two finalists for the SAU 6 post.

Plainfield has about 200 students in grades K-8, and Cornish has 90 in the same grades. There are about 1,700 students in Claremont, where LeClair, 39, has served in different capacities, including acting superintendent at various times since the departure of Middleton McGoodwin last June.


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