New effort to clear the smoke from Kentucky schools

January 29, 2019 | Public News Service

There’s a new effort to clear the air on school campuses across the Commonwealth. Students, school district leaders and healthcare professionals will be joining the Coalition for a Smoke-Free Tomorrow in the Capitol Rotunda to encourage state lawmakers to pass a “tobacco-free students bill.”

As a Monroe County CARES Youth Prevention Ambassador, Noble Steenbergen said tobacco-free school policies encourage environments where smoking and other tobacco use is not the norm, and help protect students from the health consequences of smoking.

“I personally have a lot of allergies, and when I get around the smoke, I start sneezing and a lot of other things. I really don’t like the idea of being around it,” Steenbergen said. “That’s one of our main goals, is to prevent tobacco use in the school and in youth in general. And we would also like to protect future generations.”

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