Montana school district considering 4 day school week to help teachers

By: | August 19, 2021

Schools are still trying to figure out what this year is going to look like with the start of the academic year just a couple of weeks away. Bit the St. Regis School District is tackling this issue and another one that hasn’t been talked about very much.

Entering into another year with COVID-19 teachers are preparing to make more adjustments to accommodate students. However, the St. Regis School District is considering a change to benefit teachers.

Charlee Thompson, a mom, and St. Regis School District Board chair, acknowledges that our world has changed — not for worse or better, just different. So when the school administration brought up a four-day school week to her, she decided to entertain it.

“Because it’s not the same, the world is different,” Thompson told MTN News. “And we have to meet our staff, where they are, and if a four-day school week helps. We’re okay with that.”

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