Middle School Esports League to launch in fall, says HSEL

The MSEL will come under the High School Esports League's newest banner, Generation Esports, a community-focused organization that will run tournaments, including a Social Distancing Cup during the coronavirus pandemic.
By: | April 8, 2020
Photo courtesy of Generation Esports

The High School Esports League made two major announcements today that expand its reach beyond the 80,000-plus student and educators it already serves, including the launch of a new Middle School Esports League (MSEL) that will start in the fall of 2020.

The middle school league is part of new initiative called Generation Esports, which will provide oversight for the MSEL and serve as a community-focused organization that will run tournaments and connect gamers worldwide. Its first one is a “Social Distancing Cup,” a free online event held in conjuction with the nonprofit Varsity Esports Foundation that supports those affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

“Today marks a new chapter for High School Esports League and an exciting beginning for Generation Esports,” said Mason Mullenioux, co-founder and CEO of Generation Esports and HSEL. “As the esports industry continues to evolve, one thing remains as important as ever: the people. Generation Esports is a league for all types of communities, unified by the love of video games and healthy competition. With HSEL, we’ve seen the type of positive impact esports can bring to high school students across the United States, and we hope that Generation Esports can do the same for all gamers globally.”

Further details on the operation of middle school esports will be made available May 1, according to HSEL, which is also a branding sponsor for the Academic Esports Conference and Expo. But bringing together this young generation of gamers in one competitive league has been a much-discussed topic for years.

The Social Distancing Cup, which opens Friday, is a four-week-long, open-enrollment series that will “engage esports competitors who are isolating themselves or quarantined because of the COVID-19 pandemic and fund raise for low-income families during this time of need.” Gamers will compete in League of Legends, Rocket League, and Teamfight Tactics for a $30,000 prize pool that also includes gear such as laptops, hardware, monitors, Generation Esports jerseys, and food vouchers to the HSEL’s newest partner, Zaxby’s. The series will run through May 10. Registration is available on the Cup’s webpage.

Generation Esports and the Varsity Esports Foundation are encouraging donations of as little as $5 to the “Social Distancing Cup COVID-19 Response Fund” to support low-income families during the crisis. The Social Distancing Cup is being sponsored in conjunction with several endemic and non-endemic esports groups, including ASUS, Midwest Esports, Fusesport, eFuse, GradTech, Sunshine State Games, MSP, Gamer Sensei, Skullz, and Viewsonic.

Generation Esports’ reach won’t be limited to young gamers in the U.S. but will include individual players, active duty military and veterans, corporate employees, adult and youth organizations, and more. Educators and students wishing to connect can do so through several channels, including GenE Discord, YouTube and at Twitch.tv/GenerationEsports.

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