In case of COVID-19 outbreaks, remote learning next to impossible

School districts in Missouri and Kansas are required to return to in-person learning this school year. But if COVID-19 outbreaks start to occur, switching to remote learning won’t be easy.

“School has to be in person, or there’s the potential of losing funding,” Kansas Sen. Cindy Holscher said. If you shut down and go remote.”

Holscher, who represents District 8, said the legislature has changed Gov. Laura Kelly’s executive powers. Any emergency order the governor would put in place would have to be reviewed by a committee that has already said it will not uphold executive orders pertaining to shut downs and masking.

“If a school shuts down, then we’re talking about making up what would really be called snow days,” Holscher said. “That could go into the summer that could, you know, affect everybody’s schedule.”

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