Helping Your Teachers Understand Dyslexia in the Elementary Classroom

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Date & Time: Thursday, December 8 at 2:00 pm ET

Recent studies reveal that 1 in 5 students may have a language-based learning disability like dyslexia. It is critical that K-12 leaders provide teachers with the right tools and teaching methods to help them understand and better support the unique needs of these students.

In this webinar, industry experts will offer insights into the best ways to support educators working with students with dyslexia. We invite you to join our interactive webinar to get actionable strategies for success.

Participants will learn:

  • Facts and common myths about dyslexia
  • How to find a curriculum that fits students’ needs
  • What types of screening functionalities to look for
  • Ways in which personalized, skills-based instruction can dramatically improve learning


Dr. Victoria Locke, VP of Research & Assessment, Istation
Jenny Parris, Professional Learning Consultant, Istation

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