Colorado schools add saliva testing to slow spread of COVID-19 in the classroom

By: | January 19, 2021

Elementary school students in Cherry Creek School District are getting a bonus lesson this year: While studying reading, math and science, they’re also learning the best way to drool into a test tube.

It’s not a typical part of the curriculum, but collecting students’ saliva has become another critical step in keeping schools open safely as the coronavirus continues to threaten with infections and outbreaks. And the lesson involves Cherry Creek school nurses coaching young learners to think about something sour they might eat or something that would make their mouth water, said Michelle Weinraub, the district’s health services director.

Cherry Creek School District and some of Colorado’s other metro and suburban school districts have expanded COVID-19 testing to students, who may not show symptoms of the virus when infected but can transmit it to those around them.

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