TGIF Timesaver

TGIF Time-saver: A newcomer enters the edtech arena

A former OpenAI, Tesla engineer is launching an AI-integrated education platform called Eureka Labs. Here's what it'll offer.

TGIF Timesaver: 3 ways to improve your summer planning for 2024-25

If your district has met its limit addressing pandemic-related issues, you might benefit from learning from these two districts.

TGIF time-saver: How to gauge ESSER’s academic impact

Studies link ESSER to slight rise in test scores. Also this week, former President Donald Trump eyes federal education funding and Google announces new AI tools.

‘TGIF Time-saver’: Conservative-led states are blocking new Title IX

A slew of education leaders in several states, including Florida, Texas, Montana, Oklahoma and South Carolina, publicly advised school districts not to comply with the Biden administration's ruling.

Get to the point! More cybersecurity funding and accelerated summers

In this new series, District Administration covers what you need to know for the coming school week: There's a new pilot program to protect schools from cyberattacks and ideas for closing the digital divide and accelerating summer schools.

TGIF time-saver: What to expect from FAFSA; how to sustain ESSER

U.S. Department of Education Secretary announced "transformational changes" to the financial aid program. Experts share ideas for continuing to fund programs launched with ESSER funds.

TGIF time-saver: More buses are going green; team teaching endorsed

New this week: Uvalde families of victims agreed on a $2 million settlement with the city, districts are getting major bus upgrades and team-based teaching might be the solution to shortages.

TGIF time-saver: A partnership, cultural preservation and a footrace? Oh my

In this new series, "TGIF Timesaver" aims to bring you pressing—and sometimes lighthearted—straight to the point news from the week to help bring you and your cabinet up to speed.

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