Book bans are hitting new heights this school year

Books about women, sexual violence and rape that have are being challenged based on obscenity while race, LGBTQ and transgender identities continue to be frequent targets.

New Florida bill limits book objections in school libraries

Folks without children are limited to one book challenge per month, the new law declares. Parents—including those who home-school children—are allowed unlimited objections.

4 ways to compare how school climate is recovering

New research shows how school leaders are faring with teacher shortages, political polarization, curriculum restrictions and their financial futures.

How are two years of teaching restrictions impacting classrooms?

“Students do not feel comfortable asking honest questions and teachers do not feel comfortable about giving honest answers," one teacher told researchers examining curriculum restrictions.

Chaplains in public schools? What’s behind a new push

Lawmakers proposing the bills are pointing to counselor shortages but are not completely playing down the religious aspects of putting chaplains in schools.

You can now say—but not teach—gay in Florida classrooms

LGBTQ issues—namely, sexual orientation and gender identity—can be discussed but not taught in Florida classrooms, according to a settlement over the state's "Don't Say Gay" law.

‘Talking Out of School’ podcast: Here comes the 100 Superintendent March

In this episode, three superintendents describe how they will "represent marginalized communities as well as all communities across the U.S." when they make their voices heard at the White House and in Congress next week.

3 ways education shined in Biden’s State of the Union address

President Joe Biden made it clear in his State of the Union address Thursday that K12 education is on his radar. Here's what we learned.

What’s new in your governor’s priorities for K12 education?

The teaching profession got much more attention than school safety did in the "State of the State" addresses delivered by governors so far this year. And early learning was a far more frequent topic than the culture wars.

Schools in one state might get big incentives to ban cellphones

Larger Oklahoma districts could get an extra $1 million in state funding under a new proposal while another measure would cover the costs of banning cellphones.

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