Sudden change: 2 superintendents resign abruptly and 2 others are fired

Superintendents in Sonoma, California, and Judson, Texas, have stepped down suddenly in recent days, while other leaders have switched districts or been dismissed without warning.

Want resilient and well-adjusted kids? Let them play

Experts say adults, including parents and educators, need more support and encouragement to maximize the benefits of play, but face many challenges.

#Stressed: Ranking all 50 states on frustrations about education

Montana is the most stressed-out state when it comes to education concerns while South Carolina ranks last, according to a recent report from a virtual healthcare company.

“You are nothing”: Grieving families speak directly to Parkland shooter

During a two-day hearing, families and loved ones of the 17 people killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in 2018 are getting to speak directly to their shooter, Nikolas Cruz.

Censorship legislation and its grip on K-12 education

Dictating what intellectual discussions can and cannot take place in the classroom is driving teachers out and stalling academic advancement, according to a new report.

Families ‘disgusted’ as Parkland shooter is spared death sentence

"This should have been the death penalty 100%," one parent said. "I sent my daughter to school, and she was shot eight times."

Alex Jones ordered to pay nearly $1 billion to families of Sandy Hook victims

The verdict comes in response to a comment he made in 2015, alleging that the massacre was "synthetic, completely fake with actors."

Outraged parents to school board: ‘Keep your dirty books in the closet!’

Protestors shouted at one another as they held up signs displaying anti-gay rhetoric at a Michigan school board meeting.

So what if a book has a curse word? Kids aren’t coming home from school

How to keep teachers in the profession is clear, yet those in power outside of the classroom are dictating educators' decisions.

Gov. Greg Abbott appoints Texas’ first school safety and security chief

The position was created following the deadly school shooting that took the lives of 19 students and two teachers.

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