Will K12 districts even notice if the government shuts down?

“A shutdown is ineffective and costly, the consequences of which play out on Main Street, not Capitol Hill, as workers go without pay, families go without childcare, poor families lose support for housing and food, and schools feel the squeeze," says David R. Schuler, executive director of AASA, The School Superintendents Association.

Restorative justice: Why it may be the best response as behavior worsens

Restorative justice reduced arrests by 19% and out-of-school suspensions dropped by nearly as much in Chicago Public Schools that have adopted less punitive discipline.

Leadership shifts: School board-superintendent clashes lead to more change

Moreno Valley Unified School District dismisses leader in wake of $27 million settlement with the family of a boy who died in a middle school fight.

New report: Public schools saw a 33% spike in book bans last school year

"The toll of the book banning movement is getting worse," Suzanne Nossel, Chief Executive Officer of PEN America said in a statement. "...opponents of free expression are pushing harder than ever to exert their power over students as a whole."

Why laws that bar teaching about race, LGBTQ topics have little to block

White authors and characters remain far more present in K12 curriculum than authors and characters of any other race or ethnicity, according to the “The Search for More Complex Racial and Ethnic Representation" study by Ed Trust.

These are the top 10 topics school boards are discussing right now

This may come as news to some superintendents and district leaders: Book bans and pride flags are not the main topics of discussion at every school board meeting in the country. Still, school boards are grappling with some complicated topics.

Why this superintendent calls himself an ‘edu-tainer’ in K12 communications

Superintendent John B. Gordon III leads Suffolk Public Schools in telling a positive story about students and staff in the face of political antagonism and racism, deploying social media—Facebook and Instagram, in particular—to keep the community informed and engaged in Suffolk Public Schools' achievements and activities.

Leadership shifts: 4 superintendents split with districts as others head for retirement

Superintendents for Hamilton Southeastern Schools and St. Louis Park Public Schools resigned suddenly as an Arizona school board voted its leader out after getting sued by the state.

5 charts to help us visualize the state of public education right now

One in five teachers in states without restrictions on race- and gender-related topics reported narrowing their instructional choices. And all educators remain divided over carrying guns in school.

How Mt. Diablo Unified leader and his team are controlling the narrative

Frequent and enthusiastic communication is Superintendent Adam Clark's top tool in maintaining enrollment and combatting misinformation.

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