Leadership Concerns

School layoffs are mounting quickly as ESSER winds down

Job cuts are impacting more than just teachers. Dallas ISD will soon remove hundreds of central staff and campus-based roles.

Why did enrollment plummet after COVID? Here are some answers

Alternative schooling options became widely popular among families during the pandemic. Will it impact the future of traditional public schools?

Education won’t suffer if TikTok is banned. Here’s why

It's been great for outreach and culture-building, but educators will simply turn elsewhere, says one former principal whose viral TikToks kept students engaged and in-the-know.

The highest-paying states for teachers in 2024

However, when adjusted for inflation, starting teacher salaries are more than $4,200 below the 2008-2009 levels.

3 issues administrators say currently impact district operations

”The amount of students who need mental health support and interventions outnumbers the amount of spots that we have available,” one administrator said in a new report.

Teacher pay becomes prominent theme of this year’s budget season

St. Louis Public School teachers will soon witness a "historic" 17% pay bump over the next three years. Other districts are making similar choices.

Race, gender, history, sex: A deep dive into the restrictive laws impacting K12

Over the past several years, many states have introduced a whirlwind of "restrictive" legislation targeting issues surrounding race, sex and gender in both K12 and higher education. The former, however, bears more of the brunt.

3 factors that make teaching difficult in 2024

For the most part, the majority of teachers are stressed about their jobs, according to new Pew Research data. Here's what leaders need to know.

Arizona Board of Education rejects school voucher ban on luxury items, other changes

Voucher-holding families told the board Monday that the changes would harm them and service providers and that they weren't afforded adequate opportunity to provide input.

This university’s approach to special educator shortages? Full-tuition scholarships

The $1.25 million grant will award six students per year a scholarship that covers nearly 100% of their in-state tuition and other fees, including textbooks and housing. Better yet, the scholarship doesn't require students to commit to teaching in Texas out of college.

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