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The big reason students should be using ChatGPT as a study tool instead of cheating

The generative AI chatbot has been proven to generate some form of plagiarized content when asked to write an essay pertaining to a particular subject. In fact, some topics are more at risk than others.

How a late-summer heat wave is affecting schools across the country

Several school districts report having a number of buildings that lack the proper air conditioning needed to support students and staff as heat indexes reach the mid-to-high 90s in some areas. How are they adapting?

Overall satisfaction with K12 education ties record low, but parents still hold out hope

For the first time in 23 years, overall satisfaction with K12 education among Americans has reached a record low of 36%, which mirrors levels last recorded in 2000, new polling from Gallup suggests. Here's what leaders need to know.

6 more superintendents depart in start of school year shakeups

Parental pressure appears to have played a major role in the sudden departure of the superintendent of North Monterey County USD in California and in a number of other districts.

These 9 types of censorship legislation are ‘intruding’ on K12 education

Efforts to minimize discussion pertaining to race, gender and history come in many forms, declares PEN America in a recent report. Nine in particular are being used to reduce students' exposure to "harmful content."

An ‘ed scare’ phenomenon: The 3 dangers intimidation legislation poses to teachers

"The volume and pace of these proposals represents a startling uptick in this ideological attack on public education," reads a new report from PEN America.

How your teachers are feeling about AI and their jobs this school year

Educators' overall confidence toward their jobs has yet to reach pre-pandemic levels. But, it's improving, and that's good news. Their thoughts about artificial intelligence, however, is rather mixed.

Despite spending millions on HVAC upgrades, hot temperatures are disrupting instruction

At least 25 Fort Worth schools reported air conditioning outages on Monday, impacting nearly 100 classrooms on the first day of school.

Chronic absenteeism doubled in these 9 states during the pandemic

And levels grew in every other state as families took matters into their own hands to ensure their child's needs were met, whether academically or emotionally. "Districts now have more staff than ever and fewer students," said Marguerite Roza, director of Georgetown University's Edunomics Lab, in June. "So what happens next?"

Siri co-founder Adam Cheyer: ‘Don’t worry, AI won’t replace your classroom teachers’

"The most important thing in education, in my opinion, is staring into the eyes of an inspiring human teacher," Cheyer said during a recent webinar hosted by the National School Boards Association. "Again, a lot of it comes from motivation."

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