Calif. project creates online hub to connect remote schools

January 10, 2019 | The 74

Educators in rural communities face unique challenges, but they also have special strengths that aren’t always found in urban and suburban schools. In California,where 60 percent of districts are in towns or rural areas, a new project is leveraging those strengths to help educators connect with one another and get the support they need.

The California Rural Ed Network started in 2017 but recently launched an online resource bank that offers free informational and professional development articles about topics relevant to rural educators, such as teacher recruitment and adverse childhood experiences. The bank includes materials that were handpicked by experts as well as user-generated content, which researchers are in the process of vetting and verifying, said Rindy DeVoll, the network’s chair and a former teacher in Tehama County.

“We knew that we wanted the resources to be research-based,” DeVoll said, but they also wanted to highlight and share effective practices rural educators are already using right away.

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