Add more school days or seek a waiver? Michigan schools must decide

February 7, 2019 | The Detroit News

Freezing conditions pushed some Michigan school districts on Wednesday to close for their seventh day this school year, which will force their superintendents to decide whether to add more instruction time to the calendar or seek a state waiver to avoid the loss of aid.

Michigan K-12 districts must provide 1,098 hours over 180 days of instruction to students every year. State law provides districts with six days of “forgiven time” that can be used when school is canceled due to conditions outside school officials’ control, such as severe storms, fires, health conditions and infrastructure issues.

The state superintendent also has the authority to give districts up to three additional days of “forgiven time” to be used when instruction was not provided because of “unusual and extenuating occurrences resulting from conditions not within the control of school authorities.”

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