With ban on mask mandates, Texas teachers fear COVID-19 surge as school year nears

By: | July 27, 2021

Texas is one of several states that have banned schools from mandating masks.

“Kids will not be forced by government or by schools to wear masks in school,” Abbott told NBC affiliate KPRC of Houston last week. “They can by parental choice wear a mask, but there will be no government mandate requiring masks.”

What’s more, Texas lawmakers did not pass legislation that would have funded remote learning in schools, and many districts canceled plans to offer virtual learning. That means classrooms will be more full this year, limiting the ability to practice social distancing.

“It just seems like our schools, our students and our educators are nowhere near the radar for the state having a plan to keep us safe. There’s no consideration for safety in our lives,” said Ovidia Molina, president of the Texas State Teachers Association.

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