Why preparing students for a career in cybersecurity is a wise choice

A recent survey indicates that the profession is significantly less likely to receive job cuts during economic uncertainty compared to other industries.

Ensuring students are career ready has always been a top priority for K12 and higher education institutions alike. But as fears of a potential recession loom and tech layoffs persist, students may be reconsidering which career is the safest option.

Cybersecurity has become an increasing issue in the education sector over the past year. It has become the most-targeted industry for cyberattacks as a result of the abundance of technological innovations since the pandemic.

Given the uptick in cybersecurity threats against K12 institutions since the pandemic, new research reveals the critical role cybersecurity teams play in their organizations. As technology continues to advance, cybersecurity teams will be required to hire and train the next generation of experts. And they could be your very own students.

In 2023, nearly 400 tech companies have let go of more than 100,000 employees, more than half of the layoff count in 2022 according to Layoffs.fyi, a website that keeps track of job cuts in the technology industry. Major companies like Google, Meta, Microsoft and Amazon contributed to more than 50,000 layoffs total, according to Business Insider. Yet, one sector is expected to prevail amidst these uncertain times: cybersecurity.

According to a recent survey from (ISC)², a non-profit organization that specializes in training and certification for cybersecurity professionals, cybersecurity is expected to be the least-impacted industry amidst an economic downturn. The researchers asked over 1,000 C-suite business leaders, including tech executives such as CIOs and CISOs, about their concerns related to the economy. Based on their responses, only 10% foresee reductions in cybersecurity teams, compared to an average of 20% in other areas (finance, HR, IT, marketing, operations, R&D, and sales). In addition, 42% of cybersecurity teams anticipate an increase in staffing in 2023.

When asked why cybersecurity teams were less likely to see substantial job cuts compared to other departments, they said:

“Because as the economy gets worse, and more people are out of work, cybercrime will increase. We have to be prepared with cybersecurity to combat the threat.”

“Cybersecurity is one of the top priorities in my organization. We can’t jeopardize our reputation, lose trust and face penalties due to lack of security.”

“They are essential to the business’s welfare and its continuation.”

So as you counsel your high school students or your college freshmen, consider pushing them in a direction that offers a safe and reliable future, no matter the situation. Because let’s face it, technology waits for no one. Let’s ensure students are future-ready.

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