Walkout staged at NY prep school after racist comment from staffer

Black student athlete Tony Humphrey said he withdrew from Iona Preparatory School in New York after administrator Bernard Mahoney asked him if "running from the cops" helped improve his speed.
By: | November 30, 2021

Students at Iona Preparatory School in New York state walked out of class on Tuesday in support of a Black student who transferred after a staffer allegedly directed a racist remark at him the previous week, The Journal News reported.

Tony Humphrey, a 16-year-old star baseball player at the New Rochelle, NY private school, told News 12 he was asked by an administrator if he got his speed from running away from police officers.

“He comes up to me and says, ‘I thought you were already fast as it is.’ And I said ‘Oh, I am decently fast,’ and he says, ‘Oh, how did you get so fast?’ He goes, ‘Running from the cops?’ It just came out like that,” recalled Humphrey, who is Black.

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