Va. school board sues moms after docs ‘inadvertently and mistakenly’ released through FOIA request

'The school board should be ashamed of its behavior,' the parents' attorney said.
By: | October 8, 2021

A Virginia school board is suing two mothers, arguing that documents “inadvertently and mistakenly” released through a Freedom of Information Act request and shared online included confidential information.

The Goldwater Institute on Thursday filed a motion with a Virginia judge to dismiss a lawsuit filed by the Fairfax County School Board against Debra Tisler, who obtained documents from the board through a Freedom of Information Act request, and Callie Oettinger, who shared the redacted documents on her website.

According to the Goldwater Institute, the school board handed Tisler more than 1,000 pages of receipts from its law firm related to the superintendent, the board and investigations into the district’s cyber hacking incident last year and its virtual learning program.

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