Speaker kicked out of Florida school board meeting for reading from sexually explicit school library book

The man read a scene from the book that described sexual acts, asking that the book be removed from libraries.
By: | October 29, 2021

The Orange County School Board in Florida removed a speaker from Tuesday’s board meeting for using vulgar language after the person read a passage from a sexually explicit book that is available in high schools’ libraries.

In a video, board chairwoman Teresa Jacobs can be seen directing police officers to remove the speaker as he read an excerpt from Gender Queer: A Memoir.

“I’m going to read a passage of a book that’s floating around in your schools that has been banned from many other schools,” said Jacob Engels, the speaker who was removed, according to Orange Observer. “As a member of the LGBT community, the fact that this is floating around for children as young as ninth grade is concerning.”

Engels read a scene from the book that described sexual acts using strap-on devices before Jacobs interjected.

“Sir,” she said. “Mr. Engels, you’re out of order. . . . Remove him from the chambers.”

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