Schools adding new assessment strategies

District leaders in 2017 will focus heavily on adopting new assessment strategies and instructional technology when it comes to classroom instruction, according to a DA survey of K12 leaders.

In the 2015 survey, about 50 percent of respondents say that new testing techniques will be a top priority, compared to only 40 percent in the latest survey.

And 36 percent of leaders plan to add new instructional technology to their classrooms.

A little over a third of leaders say they will devote a lot of attention to new learning standards—that’s down from 51 percent. Just over 10 percent say coping with larger class sizes will be a priority, compared to 13 percent in 2015.

And only 17 percent of leaders plan to focus mainly on blended or online learning, compared to last year’s 36 percent.

Other priorities that readers note include: implementing the third new state assessment in three years, enhancing response to intervention programs and updating STEM curriculum.

A total of 277 leaders participated in DA’s classroom instruction survey, which was part of a broader set of surveys deployed to readers in late 2016.

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