Reinventing Teacher Prep to Solve the Shortage, Diversify the Profession & Improve Instruction

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Date & Time: Wednesday, June 21 at 2 pm ET

Can the reinvention of teacher preparation help solve the teacher shortage, while also increasing diversity and improving the quality of instruction? Innovative district leaders are proving that it can.

With these goals in mind, district leaders are moving away from traditional campus-centric models and embracing teaching degree programs that are integrated directly into their classrooms through apprenticeship. They realize that investing in their own paraprofessionals and community members may be the most powerful way to build a sustainable talent pipeline and to help their students.

Attend this 20-minute DA Ed Talk to learn: 

  • How this new model of teaching prep can help solve teacher shortages
  • How the model will create better prepared teachers who are more likely to stay
  • How the model can serve non-traditional candidates, leading to increased community representation and diversity
  • What resources are available to help districts access this model and build a more sustainable teacher pipeline


Jason Lange, Co-Founder & President, BloomBoard

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