Powering the Future: How to Transition to an Electric School Bus Fleet

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Date & Time: Thursday, November 30 at 2 pm ET

An ever-increasing number of school communities are interested in electric school buses. In addition to the environmental benefits from having zero emissions, electrification brings lower costs, less maintenance, and better driver and student experiences. With new funding available and more state mandates coming, now is the time to make the switch to electric. 

But before transitioning to an electric fleet, there are a number of important factors to consider, and concerns to be addressed.  

Attend this 20-minute DA Ed Talk to learn more about electrification, how an electric bus fleet operates, and answers to the most common questions including “range anxiety,” routing, and what funding is currently available to help bring your district into the future of school transportation. 

Topics will include: 

  • Why it is more achievable than ever to transition to electric school buses 
  • Overcoming the most common concerns: range anxiety, distance, routing, and funding 
  • What new funding is available today, and how to secure it  
  • The growing number of state mandates for electric school buses, and what they mean for your district 


Kevin Matthews, Head of Electrification, First Student

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