New platform combines key technology systems

EMS LINQ INC (“LINQ”), an innovator of K-12 school software systems, has launched the industry’s first Education Resource Management (ERM) platform. LINQ’s ERM integrates key school district technologies into one system with single-sign-on access that gives users immediate operational efficiencies, and AI-driven data analytics across critical operating departments. In addition, it simplifies how parents and students can interact with the school in such areas as student registration, meal and school fee payments, and general communication.

“We see a tremendous opportunity in the market to grow and enhance our K-12 platform. We have built an integrated solution that allows our users more time to focus on instruction and less time navigating antiquated platforms. Districts and schools are constantly challenged with sharing information across a multitude of technology platforms, systems, applications, and devices,” said Adam Hooks, Chief Executive Officer of EMS LINQ. “Creating a SaaS system built on SSO (single-sign-on) streamlines their everyday tasks. We are excited to take advantage of what technology can provide and maximize what we are able to offer customers.”

Components of LINQ’s ERM platform are powered by a dynamic web solution that unifies school district ERP, school accounting, e-commerce, nutrition management, school website development, real-time notifications, student registration, and AI-driven data analytics to harness all of the information. These innovative solutions help K-12 schools make strategic decisions and provide required reporting.

The standout features include:

  • A complete portfolio of integrated solutions designed to streamline data entry, eliminate redundancies, and facilitate communications at the district and school levels, as well as for parents and students.
  • An advanced, AI-driven analytics solution that allows administrators to analyze critical information at the school and district level. Data can easily be pulled to report on users’ most important KPIs.
  • Access to all management tools from a centralized system with single sign-on technology. Send real-time notifications to parents, easily update website content (in the cafeteria and in the hallways), manage student registration, connect to an online parent payment system, and access critical management applications all from LINQ’s ERM.

EMS LINQ is a leading provider of comprehensive software to manage K-12 operations at the district and school level. LINQ has been a business partner with K-12 schools for more than 25 years. And, designs solutions that are truly integrated, visually familiar, and easy to use. More information on LINQ, headquartered in Wilmington, N.C., can be found at


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