Hundreds of students protest school’s handling of sexual assault allegation, 4 arrested

The students allege that the school suspended a sophomore for reporting a freshman of sexually harassing her.
By: | November 23, 2021

Students at a suburban Dallas high school are planning more demonstrations after four students were arrested last week at a protest against the school’s response to allegations of sexual harassment.

Hundreds of students decided to walk out of their classes at Little Elm High School on Friday morning after a sophomore publicly accused a freshman of sexually harassing and abusing her. The sophomore’s friend posted on social media that she had reported the abuse to the school’s administration.

The friend alleged that the administration then suspended the sophomore for three days for falsely accusing the freshman, according to the post.

The walkout began around 10:20 a.m. Friday. But Junior Kailey Heaton said the protest turned violent when police officers attempted to corral the students by linking arms. Heaton said the officers began attempting to push the teenagers back but students eventually broke through the line.

Videos widely shared on social media show officers forcibly holding a student on the ground while arresting him. Others show two officers pepper-spraying one student and then firing their Tasers at him.

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