Louisiana teachers will soon have to pass criminal background checks to be certified

The upshot is that new teachers—and the schools looking to hire them—will have to wait for the state to complete their background check and issue their license before they can start working in classrooms.

‘Slow it down’: Louisiana’s plan to overhaul school grading system faces pushback

Louisiana is set to adopt a tougher rating system for K-12 schools in an effort to raise standards and spur improvements that could leave many schools with lower grades.

Louisiana will let public schools show right-wing group’s ‘edu-tainment’ videos, sparking outcry

Louisiana's top education official says teachers can show students videos by PragerU, a right-wing media nonprofit that produces “pro-America” content that critics call conservative propaganda.

Louisiana Senate passes bill to fund private education

A bill to give parents tax dollars to pay for private school passed the Louisiana Senate, handing Gov. Jeff Landry a major victory and thwarting critics—including some Republicans—who balked at the plan’s possibly massive cost and its potential to destabilize the state’s public schools.

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