Nadra Nittle

Water polo now linked to concussions

Research by has found that more than a third of water polo players say they've suffered a concussion. Goalies are most likely to get hit, with half reporting head trauma.

High schools crack down on concussions

School administrators now allow student-athletes with concussions to take days, weeks or even months to recuperate. In addition, athletic associations have implemented rule changes to lower the likelihood of head trauma.

The dangers of repetitive brain trauma

Mild traumatic brain injury may cause long-term neurological damage and cognitive impairment, especially if an athlete has more than one.

Dropout prevention gives students reason to stay

Family problems, absences and poor grades can drive students to becoming a dropout. But what actually drives many teenagers to quit school, say experts, is a sense that nobody in the building cares about them.

Why teacher home visits help dropout prevention

Parent Teacher Home Visits in Sacramento and other similar organizations are once again popularizing home visits, a practice commonplace in the 1960s. Each school...

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