Alison DeNisco

Student mental health days reduce stigma

Laws recently passed in multiple states expanding the definition of excused absences to include mental health days move issues such as teenage depression, anxiety and suicide out of the shadows, and raise awareness.

How smaller K-12 districts manage communications

In a world where smartphones and social media make getting out a message easier, the job of a K-12 communications officer has become more complicated.

Vaccinations: How K-12 districts handle state mandates and parent pushback

As states see stricter laws and more protests regarding vaccinations, educators need to be prepared to enforce mandates and handle repercussions.

How unsupervised sunscreen use is gaining approval in K-12 districts

A movement to allow students to carry and apply sunscreen in school without written approval is growing, boosted by concerns about skin cancer risks.

How wearable technology can personalize physical education

PE teachers are motivating students by personalizing exercise with wearable technology such as Fitbits, Apple Watches and Polar sensors.

How arts-based lessons improve science performance

Integrating the arts into science lessons helps the lowest-performing students retain more content, and doesn't require much funding to do.

How K-12 districts use K-9s for security

Detection dogs sniff out drugs, explosives and dangerous weapons, and can be more effective than traditional security staffs in certain situations.

How net-zero energy schools can turn a profit

Investing in net-zero energy school buildings can pay dividends to districts down the line.

SAT, ACT grades increase when K-12 districts pay for exams

By giving more students access to pre-college exams such as the SAT and ACT, better average scores can result.

AI instruction readies K-12 students for future careers

As artificial intelligence (AI) becomes a bigger part of everyday life, schools are integrating study of the technology into curricula across subjects to prepare students for eventual jobs.

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