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N.C. bill requires mental health screenings for all students

The bill requires all public students across the state to undergo mental health screenings, in the name of school safety. The bill allows each district to create a mental health crisis response plan to identify students who may pose a threat to themselves or others.

Chicago mayor faces ‘first test’ with teachers’ strike vote

Chicago Teachers Union members begin casting ballots on Tuesday on whether or not to authorize a strike. The union has rejected an offer for a 16 percent pay raise over five years and is also asking for more staff such as nurses, librarians, social workers and special education teachers after years of cuts.

The FDA is launching a criminal investigation as teens continue to vape

The number of people sick from vaping continues to climb—and federal and state public health officials still don't know what's hurting them—as the FDA has launched a criminal probe to investigate samples.

Massachusetts school to offer aviation and marine tech programs

The Greater New Bedford Regional Voc-Tech High School is looking for new ways to offer skill-building courses for vocational jobs. Over the next few years, it will expand its offerings into marine technology, as well as start an aviation program.

People Watch: Lori Motsch to take helm of Illinois district in 2020

The director of personnel has been promoted to the superintendent position, which Peggy Manville is vacating upon her retirement.

K-5 intervention program packed with essentials you need to teach reading

Voyager Passport has the highest ESSA rating and gives struggling readers explicit instruction, feedback and more time on task to master skills—in 30 minutes per day.

New York schools and governments face cyber hacking threats

A bill, approved by the House of Representatives and awaiting action in the Senate, would authorize the Department of Homeland Security to assist in protecting state and local agencies from cyberthreats and restore the functionality of networks, including school networks, if they are hit with ransomware.

N.J. auto shop class teaches high schoolers about electric cars

At Memorial High School in West New York, New Jersey, an auto shop teacher is teaching teaches students how to convert old gasoline cars to electric power. Students are taught to make the parts needed for the electric conversion, as well as perform the welding and wiring needed to put the car together.

Books to help young learners acclimate to school

Adjusting to school can be a trying time for our youngest learners. Help them acclimate to the new environment, schedule and people with this curated collection of books about kids who are learning to adjust, too.

Math requirement increase proposed for California high schoolers

High school students may need to take an extra year of math coursework to qualify for admission into California state universities. The proposal, if passed, could go into effect in 2026.

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