Alabama House votes to allow yoga in schools

By: | March 15, 2021

A ban on yoga in Alabama public schools may be lifted after nearly 30 years — but students would still be limited in what they could learn about it under legislation passed in the Alabama House that would allow yoga instruction in public schools.

The Alabama Board of Education voted in 1993 to prohibit hypnosis, meditation and yoga in public schools after a conservative groups pushed the ban, according to the Associated Press.

The legislation will now head to the state’s Senate. If the new bill is passed, yoga instruction will be an elective activity in public schools and students can opt out in favor of other activities. While yoga would be permitted, schools will still have to follow some rules: “all poses shall be limited exclusively to sitting, standing, reclining, twisting, and balancing” and “all poses, exercises, and stretching techniques shall have exclusively English descriptive names,” the bill states.

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