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AirDrop attack: A brand new wave of threats is now closing schools

What's more troubling is that, since AirDrop users have to be relatively close to each other to share files, these threats—which have forced entire districts to shut down—are likely coming from within schools.

School flu closures are spreading, hitting the southeast U.S. hardest

In what may be a sign of disruption to come, school closures are spreading almost as rapidly as the illness.

Student privacy: Are photos in school Facebook posts putting it at risk?

While many schools may be posting photos to Facebook to connect with their communities and display student achievements and other uplifting news, the analysis also pointed to some unsettling, if unintended, consequences.

How school leaders can foster academic integrity online and offline

Instead of wondering 'How do I stop cheating in the moment?' ask, 'How can I create a culture of academic integrity in the classroom?'

Who is on the positive side of the growing gender gap in education?

The gap exists in every U.S. state, beginning in elementary school and lasting through college graduation, according to new research conducted by the nonprofit public policy organization Brookings.

LGBTQ+ school leaders are focused on 3 issues beyond the political climate

Members of the LGBTQ+ School Leaders Network are prioritizing self-care, professional growth and supporting students and teachers in a changing environment.

Here are the states where millennial school employees suffer the most mental distress

When you consider the impact of the pandemic and the current state of the economy, it's no surprise young employees are struggling with their mental health.

Are your accelerated learning plans set for success? Let’s evaluate

There are several questions you can ask to determine if accelerated learning strategies—such as tutoring and expanded learning—are equitable.

Censorship legislation and its grip on K-12 education

Dictating what intellectual discussions can and cannot take place in the classroom is driving teachers out and stalling academic advancement, according to a new report.

‘Who doesn’t love a yellow school bus?’ Soon, they’ll be electric

The Biden-Harris Administration announced that nearly $1 billion will go toward cleaner and safer vehicles, with the goal of "not only saving our children but, for them, the planet."

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