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Digital Wellness: Supporting Social-Emotional Learning Through Technology

Thursday, February 16 at 3 pm ET

Attend this web seminar to learn more about digital wellness and how to leverage existing tools in your district to promote SEL and the digital wellbeing of students.

How technology supports student well-being while relieving teachers’ burdens

A.I. analytics of students' mental health data can help alleviate added burdens from teachers while ensuring their students’ well-being.

Third violent threat forces besieged district to cancel another day of school

A warning of a student possessing a gun has shut down Richmond Community Schools, the Michigan district that was closed all last week as the result of a threat targeting an administrator's family. 

Wave of respiratory illnesses forces mask mandates in districts across the U.S.

New rules are popping up in districts across the country as educators enter 2023 grappling with a wave of COVID, flu and RSV.

Mental health crisis: Why Seattle schools are suing 4 social media giants

They are demanding action from TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook—the social media giants they see as key culprits in the rampant mental health crisis affecting today's youth.

Do LGBTQ students in your state feel safer at school or at home?

More than half of the LGBTQ youth identified their schools as affirming spaces compared to less than four in 10 who said the same about their homes, according to a national survey.

How serious a challenge is student poverty? A look at all 50 states

The median student poverty rate in all U.S. school districts is 14.5%, though the figure masks severe financial need in some communities.  

More districts are mandating masks to keep schools open around the holidays

Rising illnesses and, consequently, absent students and staff are forcing district leaders to mandate masks as a safety precaution after winter break.

‘Tripledemic’ of illnesses is forcing new school mask mandates

Schools leaders are taking fresh precautions to prevent a "tripledemic" of COVID, flu and RSV from exploding when students and staff return from holiday gatherings. 

Looking ahead to 2023: Here’s what’s in store for education

Giving students access to instruction, focusing on impact and promoting student outcomes are key for administrators in K-12 and higher ed alike.

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