Why this superintendent is excited: He figured out how to improve career paths

Superintendent Carl Dolente is expanding of the “Skilled Trades Program” at the Cumberland Regional School District to train students as electricians and HVAC technicians.

Why you should let an edtech company live in your high school

While many districts have business partnerships driving their CTE programs, ISD 197 in Minnesota is home to a company that makes interactive STEM videos.

Anne-Marie Imafidon wants to help K-12 educators make STEM HERstory

The British computing prodigy and driving force behind shifting social norms will speak at FETC about how mentors and a growth mindset can inspire more female students to become the STEM leaders of the future. 

Why many high school graduates don’t feel ready for college and career decisions

Industry leaders say the No. 1 challenge is a shrinking talent pool but making college and career decisions troubles many high school grads.

Why these students are grooming dogs and running a bank—at school

Blackman High School in Tennessee gives students real-world experience in pet care and finance to prepare them for their future careers and help support the school's academic programs in the process.

Learning to work: New program bridges the divide between K-12 and careers

Leaders and their teams are about to get a big boost in their efforts to create new career pathways and expand their students' access to high-quality training programs.

Made in the shade: Why new energy is building up behind school solar panels

The case for school solar panels is one that can appeal to all community members, despite their varying political views and interests.

How an innovative tech program opens career paths for students with visual impairments

More than 90% of the pilot program's participants said they planned to study cybersecurity in college, pursue cybersecurity credentials or go directly into the cybersecurity workforce.

Why 14 states now require high schoolers to learn a lot more about money

High school students are worried about their financial futures. That's likely because many don't think they know much about personal finance.

4 principals to watch: Making strides in ed-tech, teacher leadership and climate

Principals have been at the forefront of rallying students, staff members, and their wider school communities throughout the upheavals of the COVID pandemic.

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