City’s budget decision derails district’s 5 recovery initiatives

Norwalk Public Schools' superintendent had big plans for her Connecticut district's COVID recovery but a city budgeting decision stalled her plans, she says.

Cardona: 3 ways schools can improve outcomes for all students

Education Secretary Miguel Cardona says the federal government will not micromanage schools but will ensure students receive free, appropriate public education.

How reading about elephants improves early math skills

Introducing pre-K children to words and concepts such as more, most, same, similar, different, few and less is key to developing foundational math skills.

How to leverage ‘multiple pots of money’ to secure schools

In a District Administration webinar, Superintendent Arsenio Romero talks about working with a management company to accelerate summer construction projects.

Parents rank their 7 biggest concerns for their students

A survey asking parents about students' enthusiasm for schools may reinforce district leaders' plans to prioritize social-emotional learning post-COVID.

‘Mood monitoring’ and 3 more steps to spot post-COVID threats

Experts encourage superintendents to deploy even more comprehensive safety strategies as students who've been traumatized during COVID re-acclimate to school.

Why 11 states and counting are easing school quarantine rules

A growing number of superintendents are concerned students are being forced to miss in-person instruction even though their risk of catching COVID is low.

5 reasons teacher raises drive San Antonio ISD’s stimulus plan

Teacher salaries, particularly increasing master teacher pay, is San Antonio ISD Superintendent Pedro Martinez's stimulus funding priority.

How math games help level early learning variability

Students in Moises Vargas' pre-K class in Harlingen Consolidated ISD display math skills they might not have developed until later in elementary school.

What new CDC mask guidance means for schools and educators

Vaccinated individuals can now go without masks outdoors, but unvaccinated individuals including children under 16, should continue to wear them.

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