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Teachers are receiving big raises in many districts. Can you keep up?

A message to K-12 leaders who are worried about sharing a shrinking pool of teachers with other districts: some states and school systems are giving out historic salary increases.

15 best high schools in the country: Rankings spotlight progress of underserved students

An elite K-12 education is not limited by geography: The 15 best high schools, as ranked by U.S. News, represent 14 states. 

Leaving on a jet plane? How to use federal funds for conference travel

As state and local school districts plan their budgets for the coming school year, administrators may be looking for ways to expand professional development opportunities.

Are principal salaries keeping up with COVID’s challenges? Some say no

While steady increases appear to be keeping up with the cost of living, heavier workloads may be throwing salaries out of balance.

75% of ESSER dollars are unspent and deadlines are approaching

ESSER funds offer schools a unique opportunity to both respond to the pandemic and tackle the backlog of deferred maintenance.

‘The need for masking may come and go, like the need for a jacket in winter’

More school districts are dropping mask mandates than are reinstating them as educators wait to see if the latest COVID wave will match past surges in severity.

Teacher shortage: More colleges are now helping to solve the K-12 crisis

University leaders trying to build back the pipeline of educators say changes to systems and support are needed.

Surprise! One company dominates the top 40 tech tools schools are using

The average K-12 student accessed 74 different ed-tech tools in the first half of the 2021-22 school year while the average teacher used 86, according to LearnPlatform.

How are school leaders responding as COVID rises again in some districts?

Neither mask mandates nor other precautions are returning to schools that are dealing with increasing new COVID cases in recent weeks.

$500 million worth of help coming for cleaner schools and buses

Building Better School Infrastructure grants will support energy- and cost-saving redesigns and help districts transition to electric school buses.

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