Howard Bell

“Howard Bell has spent 25 years working in education including most recently as the CEO of Abl. At Abl, he and his team help large school districts such as Los Angeles Unified and Baltimore City Public Schools get a clear, data-driven view of course offerings, enrollment trends, staff distribution, and student goals, delving beyond district-wide averages to understand the needs of different groups of students. Abl’s nationally standardized college and career readiness measurement, sophisticated analytics, scheduling software, and professional development helps districts instantly understand the readiness of their students to take the next steps after high school. He has previously worked at Wayne State University’s TechTown Detroit entrepreneurship hub, Kaplan, and Scholastic.”

The problem with good grades

A decade ago, 56 percent of four-year colleges attributed “considerable importance” to test scores like the SAT and ACT, and about half gave the same credence to total high school grades. Today, just 5 percent of four-year colleges place such importance on test scores, but three-quarters place considerable importance on grades. 

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