Voices of 2019: DA’s top tech columns

FETC® speakers covered key ed tech topics throughout 2019
By: | January 10, 2020

What can artificial intelligence technology and blockchain do for your district? How are K-12 leaders ensuring the safety of students and staff? How can you add makerspaces to boost student achievement? Why is the CIO’s role changing?—and why your top tech leader should follow suit. What are schools doing to bridge the digital divide? How do flexible learning spaces foster an inclusive mindset? These important questions and more are addressed in District Administration’s top tech columns for 2019.

Q&As and professional opinion pieces, featuring Future of Education Technology Conference® speakers, covered ed tech topics from FETC®’s six session tracks: Future of Ed Tech Library Media Specialist, Future of Ed Tech Coach, Future of Ed Tech Administrator, Future of Ed Tech Information Technology, Future of Ed Tech Educator, and Future of Ed Tech Inclusion & Special Education.

Check out the list below for some of the top tech columns from DA’s 2019 issues—plus access all FETC® featured speaker columns here.

January 2019

The Qualities of a Modern CIO

Communicating and empathizing with staff during periods of change is as important as knowing the technology

Q&A with Serena Sacks, CIO, Fulton County Schools, Georgia 

February 2019

Monitoring for signs of harm

How technology provides districts with information about potential signs of self-harm or cyberbullying

Q&A with Charlie Jimmerson, director of technology, Marshall County Public Schools, Alabama 

March 2019

Flipping staff meetings

Videos and apps bring more information

Q&A with Eujon Anderson, technology director, Troy City Schools, Alabama

April 2019

Flexible classroom designs aid STEM learning

Promoting active learning through low-cost redesigns 

Q&A with Robert Dillon, director of innovative learning, The School District of University City, Missouri

May 2019

Student IT team revamps tech repairs

Help desk internships provide career prep and cost savings

Q&A with Brian Zimmer, director of educational technology, Webster Central School District, New York

June 2019

Why social media is your friend

Use social media to build transparency and credibility for the work in your district

Q&A with Joe Sanfelippo, superintendent, Fall Creek School District, Wisconsin

July/August 2019

The CIO’s evolving role

Superintendent? Maybe. Chief innovation officer may be the next step in the district technology leader’s career

By Kevin Schwartz, technology officer for learning and systems, Austin ISD

September 2019

How to use devices in the early grades

Successful implementation of ed tech requires a shift in culture and ongoing support for educators

Q&A with Rachel Bodoin, blended learning specialist, Springfield Public Schools, Missouri

October 2019

How ed tech coaches aid classroom instruction

A well-trained team of coaches helps teachers manage the potentially overwhelming integration of new technology

Q&A with Nichole Allmann, technology integration specialist, Richland School District Two, South Carolina

November/December 2019

Digital equity: What comes after access?

Students need to be taught how to use tech or a digital divide will persist even if everyone has a device

Q&A with Marlo Gaddis, chief technology officer, Wake County Public School System, North Carolina

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