The not-so-cinematic theaters at FETC that you do not want to miss

In January 2023, the Future of Education Technology® Conference will host six content-focused theaters designed to inspire and inform attendees on the latest education innovations.

The world of education is one of the most rapidly evolving professions out there. It encompasses ever-changing technology, revisions to the curricula and so much more. And there are vast opportunities for you, a leader in education, to stay in the loop of it all.

In January 2023, the Future of Education Technology® Conference, taking place Jan. 23-26 in New Orleans, will host six content-focused theaters designed to inspire and inform attendees about the latest education innovations. Here’s a look at all six:

Information Technology Theater

This theater is for those who are on the frontlines of education technology. The speakers will address “LAN, WAN and wireless technologies, cybersecurity infrastructure best practices; G-Suite administration; and the leading technologies in monitoring, trending and forecasting.” These “must-attend” sessions are for those who want to understand the latest updates in core technology infrastructure and best practices.

Technology Discovery Theater

Designed for senior-level administrators, attendees will learn the ins and outs of emerging education products through live demonstrations and how they reinvent the future of education: “Discover innovations in products and services that support and serve education with instructional pedagogy whether teaching in an in-person, online, blended or hybrid learning environment. Innovative practice is supported by digital tools that support collaboration and personalization in connected classrooms.”

Thought Leadership Theater

If you’re a district, state or school-level leader, you’ll want to get in on these sessions. The featured speakers will provide insight on “timely, topical, practical content focused on policy, pedagogy, wellness and school management.” Attendees will have the opportunity to learn how to foster a work environment that attracts and retains school staff, promotes a healthy school culture and streamlines workloads.

Esports Theater

If your district doesn’t already offer an esports program, you’ll leave this theater curious and inspired to implement one. As esports continues to grow in popularity, district leaders need to understand how such a program would benefit their students’ academic performance: “These presentations and product demonstrations will deliver guidance on player eligibility, equipment needs, team organization, career paths to graduation and scholarship opportunities. Creating esports programs gives student gamers a chance to hone their skills and learn how to be team players preparing for future success.”

STEM Theater

Since the pandemic, getting students involved in STEM has become more important than ever as educational institutions’ reliance on technology continues to increase. In this theater, education leaders will observe a variety of hands-on demonstrations of engaging products that their schools can utilize to enhance their STEM programs. “Speakers will present their exemplar programs in the STEM Theater sharing their use of interdisciplinary curriculum, collaboration, design and problem-solving.” It’s all about reimagining how technology can empower students and help them thrive and begin their paths to their future careers.

Pitchfest Theater

Lastly, and arguably one of the most exciting theaters, is the Pitchfest competition. Here, attendees get to hear from the newest and most innovative edtech startups and how their technologies can change the world of education forever. It allows startups to gain market exposure as they showcase their products to a panel of industry experts, investors and a live audience.

View the full program agenda here, or register for FETC 2023.

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Micah Ward
Micah Ward
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